Session musician and vocalist

Looking for a pianist to add piano to your song? Looking for a singer to add lead or back vocals?

I’ve collaborated with dozens of composers and musicians in over 100 projects in the last years, ranging from ambient instrumentals to jazz songs.

I provide the following services:
  • Recording acoustic piano Kawai GE-30 with a stereo pair of Audio Technica 4041 mics and AKG414 XLII for picking up lows.
  • Recording digital piano / keyboard. MIDI recording can be provided along with the synthesized WAV file, using various sampled pianos (Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 13), including electric piano, organ or any other synth of your choice.
  • Recording lead and back vocals using AKG414 XLII or a stereo pair of Rhode NT1A mics.
  • All recordings are done using Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface, using Pro Tools 12 or Propellerhead Reason 9 as DAW.
  • All audio files are provided in a high quality, up to 96KHz/24bit, either as WAV files or Pro Tools / Reason session.
Skype can be used for coordinating a remote session using real-time video-chat. 2-3 days average turnaround for the digital recordings, 7-10 days for acoustic recordings.

Contact me for details and rates.

Milana Zilnik, Piano on SoundBetter


What a wonderful pianist, professional, expedient. Flexible and accommodating. Couldn’t dream of a better person to work with!
~ Deddy Tzur (composer)

Absolutely incredible to work with Milana. Very professional, high quality work and quick to reply. Would highly recommend!
~ Emmett Cooke (composer)

Milana is a real professional. SHE exactly wants to know which style YOU want before she starts recording. The recording quality is superb. And all that comes on top of her sparkling talent as a musician and piano player.
~ Bastiaan Kooman (singer-songwriter)

Maybe you think that a Plug-in or a digital piano can replace a real grand, but believe me, you are wrong. When I got Milana’s recording with a real grand I was impressed by the natural depth of the sound. Her performance is top-notch and I got exactly what I was looking for.
~ Dirk Radloff (singer-songwriter, composer)

I came to know Milana’s art on SoundCloud. When a friend of mine was looking for someone to record a song she wrote, I asked Milana. The result was wonderful and highly professional. The songwriter was hugely delighted, and the song’s arranger called Milana’s performance “wonderful!” Milana’s voice is beautiful! I may also add that timeliness was impressive as were the email communications, which were timely and sensitive to the client’s needs.
~ Mariza Costa-Cabral (amateur composer)

I enlisted Milana’s help for a very difficult piano piece in a song I was working on. She was prompt, professional, and inspired in her work and the song would not have been the same without her. Milana is a profoundly talented musician and it was a pleasure to work with her. I look forward to working with her in the future.
~ Ezra Voth (Guitar teacher and musician)

I contacted Milana in February 2017 to discuss piano for instrumental prog rock tracks that I intended to begin recording in March. I provided her with scores I had written in advance and some rough demos as guide tracks. At every stage of the process Milana was friendly, warm and professional, and she helpfully answered any questions I had on the process or technical side of things.

I then contacted her again after 3 weeks with the required drum and guide guitar tracks for her to work to. We were able to pick up where we left off immediately with no issues at all. Milana kept me informed at each stage of the process and very quickly produced some initial takes (as well as some video of the recording process which I had requested at very short notice as an extra) - I then went back with some notes and we had final takes within just a few days. Some of the parts I asked for were in fairly un-usual time signatures however this wasn’t an issue.

Overall the process was incredibly smooth and pleasant, and I’m very happy with both the quality and expressiveness of Milana’s playing, her professionalism and the quality of the recordings. I would not hesitate to approach Milana again for future sessions.
~ Wil Miles (Composer)

I first “met” Milana on Sound Cloud several years ago. I was impressed by the quality of the music that she wrote and the skill with which she played it. I hired her to bring new life into several of my own tracks and have been very happy with the results. She knows when to be laid back, when to fill, and has impeccable improvisational skills. She is very prompt, obviously loves what she does, and I know you will be delighted with the results.
~ Jeff Slarve (Hobbyist Musician)

I asked Milana to create a Piano line for my song, and she did a great job. It was a pleasure working with Milana, she is very easy to work with, and gave me enough takes to choose from which is always appreciated. Milana is a very talented Pianist and I’d definitely recommend it to other musicians.
~ Rohit P

Milana is a true professional. Despite the genius she displays in her work, she is very humble and very easy to work with and I look forward to doing more projects with her in the in the future. Thanks
~ Dion Smith