Milana is a multi-award winning pianist, composer and singer-songwriter, who has been a performing and recording artist since her childhood. A strong lyricist and composer in her own right, Milana’s style is reminiscent of Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Michael Nyman, Keith Jarret and Chick Corea. Milana enjoys playing by ear, improvising and using whatever inspires her to create her own style of playing. She is known as an adept improviser, catching melodies on the fly and expanding them into her own creations.

Milana was born in Ukraine, lived in Israel for many years and moved to Canada in 2008. Having lived in different countries has enriched her musical experiences and storytelling. Her songs touch on issues of belonging, identity, the inner child, war and peace, and life and death. Soulful singing and complex piano melodies are Milana’s signature, but she embraces a variety of styles – everything from folk, blues, opera and Middle Eastern, to her soft spots for rock and jazz.

Milana has released thirteen full-length albums (solo piano, original songs and New Age) and published three books with original scores for solo piano. Since 2012, in addition to performing live and releasing original albums, she has also taken piano and vocal performance in a commercial direction by doing session recordings, arranging, composing for films and online music libraries in her own studio located in Ottawa’s suburb. Milana provides full-service soundtrack and song production, as well as live-recorded piano on demand.


“Your voice and singing is such a pleasure to listen to! It is very special. A very convincing classy mixture between sharp and soft timbre, between high and low tonal range.”
“This is like Blues and Pop merged into one amazing Ballad!”
“This could easily be a film theme song.”
“Wonderful words with a fine voice and beauty of a piano putting it across, and sounds gorgeous.”

“This is just amazing, so many colours and feelings, such beauty and passion...”
“The way you are melting together with the piano to become a union of pure feelings and creativity is absolutely adorable !”
“There is passion and love in every note you have chosen to play here...simply amazing....”
“Have visions of this being performed on stage in front of a massive audience - all of them being electrified by the passion being generated here.”